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Why am I not getting any matches?

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We’ve heard it before, dating apps are bad

I find that there are two types of people in the dating world; the ones that are on dating apps, and the ones that have deleted them. Sure, bad quality photos could be the reason why you are not getting any matches, but have you ever heard of collaborative filtering? It may play a huge part in some people getting more matches on dating apps than you.

Why am I not getting any matches?

Most dating apps suggest matches based on collaborative filtering - a recommendation algorithm - which works on a similar basis to Netflix Top 10. Based on users’ actions, it puts the most watched films in the Top 10. But the difference with dating apps is that instead of movies, it’s picking up on popular profiles.

Let’s break it down, a user (let’s call them user A) initially expresses interest in another active dating app user (user B) by swiping right. However, this same user (user A) later swipes left on a profile belonging to a Neurodivergent user, for unspecified reasons. Here's where it gets interesting; a completely new user joins the app and they swipe right on the active dating app user (user B), the algorithm automatically assumes that the new user shares the same disinterest in the Neurodivergent user's profile (as user A) - when this might not be the case. This occurrence, defined by collaborative filtering, results in the new user never encountering the Neurodivergent profile, with the app essentially deciding their type for them.

Due to this, dating app users are only seeing around 5% of all users on the app, and unfortunately, your profile may not make the cut. Naturally, users want to see more profiles, often paying money for that access, swiping endlessly, and ultimately end up displaying addictive traits towards the app. The behaviour displayed resembles gambling, except the commodity is a real human being behind a profile.

Racial bias and discrimination in dating apps

Collaborative filtering prioritises delivering better matches to the majority of users, at the detriment of those in the minority, leaving no room for individuality and self-expression. This is especially problematic for underrepresented ethnic groups and minority users such as neurodivergent individuals. A 2014 study by OKCupid found that Asian men and black women were likely to be rated substantially lower than other ethnic groups, with Asian women and white men being the most likely to be rated highly by other users. When dating apps are set up like this, it gives us no choice but to mask and present a non-authentic version of ourselves in the hopes of getting swiped right. Your behaviour and your profile is being changed by the algorithm whether you know it or not. 

Sick of the toll that dating apps are taking on your mental health?

So are we, and that’s why Mattr is designed different. 

“I found mainstream dating apps so overwhelming and I knew there was a space for something different. I wanted to create a non-judgemental and welcoming space, inclusive to all. We believe that you can find someone different and be seen for who you are.” Mattr Founder, Jamie Johnston.

At Mattr, we believe in anti-discriminatory algorithms, and that’s why your connections on the  Mattr dating app are based on common interests, and not other users' behaviour. To support your mental health, we’ve limited each user’s daily connections to up to 7 per day; prioritising quality over quantity. Mattr is also proud to be the first Neurodivergent-friendly dating app out there!

“Mattr allows you to date unmasked and get your cards on the table early. Our algorithm uses your interests and profile to show you matches based on your personality; without hiding any profiles. No one but you should decide your type - we are giving that control back to you! Unlike other dating apps, all users on Mattr are verified from the start and our vision is to bridge the physical and virtual dating worlds to create an inclusive, safe and interesting space where you can create genuine connections, making dating fun again.” Lead Product Manager, Mihir Malde   

Download Mattr now to join a like-minded community and start making those meaningful connections.

Mattr, where real people can be found.

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