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Dyslexia - The gift I never thought I had

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Does anyone remember something at school they used to dread?

For many it's a painful subject, some it's sports well for me it was dictation.

For those that need a refresher on what that is, an English teacher reads out a passage from a book and you write it down, it gets progressively more difficult and it is used to test your spelling.

I used to cripple with fear when we had to do this task, the other kids would be flying through it from the start whereas I would struggle from the off.

This was the first time I felt different and didn't know why, my scores (which got read out btw...) alerted teachers and I was assessed for dyslexia.

Back then in the middle of the 90's dyslexia was not seen in the same light as it is today as a different way of thinking and heightened creativity, it was seen as a setback, and a mark of future failure.

As I grew up I started to realise, I was going to struggle in some areas and excel in others. Maths and spelling, no chance, problem-solving or idea creation with flexibility in the process, I'm your man.

But the issue is education and corporate life didn't like out-of-the-box thinking, remember ' always show your working!'

Last week was Dyslexic Awareness Week and I was lucky enough to be invited onto BBC Radio London to discuss my experiences (47 mins), mainly around whether I think dyslexia is a blessing or a curse.

And here's the thing, as I've got older and certainly now I can do things in the way that benefits me with Mattr, I am seeing really the condition for what it is - an advantage!

It is no surprise to me that 40% of entrepreneurs have dyslexia and successful ones at that with a whopping 60% of self-made millionaires having the condition. Why is this?

Well to me it's freedom, it's being allowed to think and do in the way your brain tells you, not what a teacher or boss does.

And here's why dyslexics are needed more than ever, the world is facing huge problems and with that, we need expert problem solvers. If everyone thought process was the same we would have never had Apple, Murder On The Orient Express, The parachute or even the helicopter, all of these gifts to the world were created by dyslexics.

So for those with dyslexia reading this just know there is something you will excel at, even without trying anywhere near as hard as others, maybe you know what it is maybe it's still to be found but it is there!

Use your gift, you're lucky to have it.


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